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You Should Use Professional CD Duplication Services

Written January 23rd, 2014 by
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Many emerging artist try to duplicate their own CDs trying to reduce costs or wishing to control every aspect of their nascent careers. But rapidly they might realize that printing CDs on your own can generate a huge expense over time. As today’s music market expands into the world Digitial Distribution having your CDs duplicated efficiently should be high priority on your list. Using a professional CD Duplication service has several benefits for your career, here are some of them.

3 benefits of Professional CD Duplication Services:


1.  It saves you money. When you start to copy CDs yourself you are not aware how much it will cost you especially if you have to use multiple CDs. CD Duplication services buy their CDs in bulk and pass on the savings to their customers.

3. There is less chance of errors. You may well find when trying to copy CDs yourself errors will occur more than once for many reasons, either because you have used the wrong programs and you have to start the whole process over. When you use a CD Duplication service you don’t have to worry about that.

2. The most important benefit – YOU SAVE TIME. Let’s face it. do you really You may have to spend hours, even days copying your CDs? Think about it, all that time which you could spend writing new songs, rehearsing, having quality time with your family or doing other things. And if you work full time you may find yourself staying up into the early hours trying to make your own copies. When you use a CD Duplication service they do the complete job giving you time to get on with your life stress-free.

Here at CD Depot Stores we have a team of experienced CD Duplication professionals who know how to handle any situation quickly and efficiently. This includes dealing with faulty programs or faulty or damaged CDs. By getting your CDs Duplicated by a professional company you will be provided with an excellent copy in perfect working order.

CD Duplication Services: Choose the Best Provider

Written November 13th, 2013 by
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If you are ready to shop for CD Duplication Services to mass produce your prized CD, how can you know you are getting the most professional result possible? Anyone can produce and duplicate media, but what should you look for when trying to find a professional service? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure you are hiring the best:

Choosing a CD Duplication Provider


1) Do they offer multiple services? When searching for the best company for your CD duplication services, you want a company that can do more than just CD duplication. Look for a company who is also well-versed in the various digital formats and how to market several ways. It is always the wise artist who finds a multiple service providers, so you can house all of your music marketing needs under one roof.

2) Do they publish on multiple formats? Choose a company that offers to publish on multiple formats, especially the ones that are the most important, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify, to name a few. In today’s mobile market, it is important to go where the people are and since they come from multiple channels or formats, you have to be on all the important ones.

3) Do they offer copyright protection and advice? Choose a company which understands copyright law and strives to protect your rights to your intellectual work. The more you know about the changing laws, the more you will be able to protect yourself, and your intellectual property.

4) Are they affiliated with professional music associations? Equally important to copyright issues are affiliations with BMI and ASCAP, to name a few. Organizations covered by these universal music associations will have access to more information and protections than those that are not. Trust your CD duplication services to a company which knows the laws and has these organizations behind them.

5) Do they have your best interests at heart? Knowing that your CD duplication service wants you to succeed is perhaps the most important aspect of all. If they believe in your project, they can help you with additional aspects of marketing, beside duplication services, if you need them.

You can choose any duplication service for your CD duplication needs, or find a company that offers multiple services and consider it like your marketing headquarters for your work. It is sometimes best to find a multiple service provider who does a number of other things, and acts like an agent for your work, as well as protecting your copyright interests, and other issues. Locating services for your prized musical works under one roof is probably the best, most reliable means to feeling secure in knowing your music is in the best hands possible, and will help you along the road to success, rather than just burn a few CD’s for you.

Understanding CD Text

Written October 18th, 2012 by
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So, you picked up your CD’s, went home, played one on your computer and you can’t see the names of your tracks, there has to be a mistake here and you are about to call CD Depot Stores help desk and ask them to redo your order to fix this issue, like every recording artist you want the titles of your tracks to show up on your media player (e.g. iTunes) and you made sure to add CD Text when you made your master right?

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Understanding CD Duplication & Replication

Written September 5th, 2012 by
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DVD / CD Duplication and Replication are the ways to produce a number of copies for a wide selection of media. They can be used for music album releases, media demonstrations, training guides, merchandise brochures, video lessons, records and company promotion. In spite of its objective, disc creation is definitely the most affordable and handy means for data/video/audio storage and distribution. Almost every business, non-profit organizations and private individual can use a cheap CD duplication to their advantage.

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