The Artist Manager: Investing In A Strong Team

Written October 4th, 2013 by
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As a music writer/artist it is wise to invest in a team of professionals to maximize your career and net worth in the music industry. A personal manager, attorney, business manager, agency, fans and an artist manager all make up the main players that you need to help you succeed in this cutthroat industry. Your finances will determine the way you pick your team so be very careful and pay close attention to the process of how you bring this group together to accommodate your personal needs. Otherwise, choosing the wrong people will make it a real struggle for you to build a successful career as an performance artist.

Hire a Great Artist  Manager

The next step is hiring your first team member. This should be either a manager or a lawyer. The time required by a music lawyer is minimal compared to the time a manger has to devote; making it easier for you to hire a lawyer first. However, a manager is expected to help you out with songs, and get your name and image out through bookings, etc. Regardless of who you hire first, consult with them or both when you hire other team members for your team.

Before choosing who is worthy for your team, ensure that all your music is ready for the flashing lights. Your recording doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, but it must be mastered and mixed down for your listening audience. After your music is made you need to decide on the recording labels that you want to shop your music to — unless you want to go independent, either way companies like CD Depot Stores and our friends at InnerCat Music Group are worth a deeper look because everything is done in house, from marketing, publishing, branding, and merchandising. This keeps you from spending extra money for outsourcing and helps you have keep things organized.

CD Depot Stores offers a wide range of services for Artists & the Music Business in general. Services like CD & DVD Duplication, Graphic Design and CD & DVD Replication, to name a few, are key for new and established artists alike but we also offer services such as Copyright Registration, Digital Distribution and Music Publishing.