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We offer a wide range of disc production services with the best quality in the market. Assure a competitive mix of integrated solutions is our goal. We separate the disc production in two main categories:

Duplication is used for smaller quantities (up to 300). It is the process of “burning” data onto a blank disk with a laser, like you can do at home. Except at CD Depot Stores, we can burn hundreds of disk in a matter of hours, saving you from frustrating equipment tie-ups. We can also imprint a “face” on your disk, which is a more professional look that a stick-on label.

Replication (from 500 to 3000) involves the creation of a glass master. From that, a metal “stamping” master is created, which will mold the discs from plastic pellets. This is the most efficient way to produce 500 or more discs.