Disc Templates

Here you can download Disc Templates for free, all the CD Templates, DVD Templates and Packaging Templates that you or your graphic artist will use in order to lay out your project for manufacturing at CD Depot Stores. Templates are available in PDF format.

If you have any questions or if you need professional Graphic Design, we have an in-house design team ready to take your project and give it the professional look it needs so please go to Contact us and post your questions and comments or call 1 800-742-3974.

Disc Templates for Labels

cd label
download the cd label

dvd label
download the dvd label


Disc Templates for Inserts

This insert templates can be used for Jewel Case and Slim Case. Jewel Case templates come in two parts: one for the insert or booklet , and one for the tray card.

tray card
Download the tray card

2 Panels Insert
Download the 2 Panels Insert

4 Panels Insert
Download the 4 Panels Insert

6 Panels Insert
Download the 6 Panels Insert


8 Panels Insert
Download the 8 Panels Insert

8 Panels Square Insert
Download the 8 Panels Square Insert

12 Panels Poster
Download the 12 Panels Poster


Disc Templates for DVD Case

2 Panels DVD Insert
Download the 2 Panels DVD Insert

4 Panels DVD Insert
Download the 4 Panels DVD Insert

Slim DVD wrap
Download the Slim DVD wrap

DVD wrap
Download the DVD wrap


Disc Templates for Wallets and Jackets

Download template for Jacket


Disc Templates for Digipacks and Flip-Ups

Business Card