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DVD Duplication, Free Quote

DVD Type Duplication and Printing Packaging Inserts Authoring

DVD Silver for DVD Duplication
DVD White for CD Duplication

DVD Type Duplication and Printing Packaging Inserts Authoring

DVD Duplicated | CD Depot Store
DVD without content | CD Depot Stores
Not recorded
DVD Black and White DVD Duplication
Black on-disc printing
DVD Full Color DVD Duplication
Full Color on-disc printing

DVD Type Duplication and Printing Packaging Inserts Authoring

4 panels Digipack | CD Depot Store
4 panel Digipack
6 panels Digipack | CD Depot Stores
6 panel Digipack
Jewel Case Clear Tray | CD Duplication
Jewel Case Clear Tray
Jewel Case Black Tray | CD Duplication
Jewel Case Black Tray
2 panels Jacket | CD Depot Stores
Clam Shell
2 panels Jacket | CD Depot Stores

Slim Case | CD Duplication
Silm Case
Wallet with 4 panels | CD Depot Stores
Spinlde or Bulk | CD Depot Stores
Plastic Sleeve
Spinlde or Bulk | CD Depot Stores
Paper Sleeve
DVD Case DVD Replication / Duplication
DVD Case
Spinlde or Bulk | CD Depot Stores

DVD Type Duplication and Printing Packaging Inserts Authoring

4 panels Digipack | CD Depot Store
2 Panels Insert
4 Panles Cover | CD Duplication
4 Panels Insert
6 Panels Cover | CD Duplication
6 Panels Insert

DVD Type Duplication and Printing Packaging Inserts Authoring

We also offer Authoring Services

CD Depot Stores offers Non-linear Video Editing services based on the award winning Final Cut Pro system. Whether you want to make small corrections to your video or a full edit of raw footage our editing department can help you turn your video files into a fully authored DVD or Blu-ray Disc. We have the experience and ability to manage any project from Music Videos and Home Movies to TV Commercials and more with professional quality at a low cost.

Because of the size of video files, the complexity involved and the many different formats in the video technical world, we recommend to get in contact with our specialized team in video editing and authoring services.

For details please CALL 1 800 742-3974 or email us to

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We offer DVD Duplication for quantities between 50 and 300 CDs. We duplicate your discs, print the DVD label on the DVD and covers on the packaging, pack and prepare the Retail Ready final product. Video Editing and Authoring services are offered for video projects and also Graphic Design if you don't have an artwork.

The Quote

Our Free Instant Quote tool can show you the exact price for a custom project. First choose the Disc Type, Silver will give the printed label a bright background, then choose Duplication and Printing options, proceed with the selection of the packaging and insert. The options panel at the bottom left allow you to add or remove more features. Finally check the price and if you decide to buy, write a name for your project and click "Proceed to Checkout". The "see details" link on the Quote panel will display a detailed Quote.

DVD Duplication process

To fully comprehend DVD Duplication and its positive aspects you must be conscious of the terms and be able to differentiate between Duplication and Replication. DVD Duplication is the method of replicating information onto a blank disc. These discs are packed into writers where the data is taken out through electronic means from the master source. Files are then etched onto recordable media using a small light beam found in drive writers or duplicator equipment. The content is confirmed and the equipment either approves or disapproves the duplicated version. After confirmation the disc goes into the printing phase (if printing is necessary). Thermal printers using image data print onto the higher portion of each new DVD. If a small number of discs are needed, usually less than 500 units, DVD Duplication is the best option.

For questions please call 1 800 742-3974 Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm or @Email us.

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    Production Time

    Our regular DUPLICATION production time is 3 to 5 business days for 50 up to 300 discs project, AFTER all production materials have been approved by customer (artwork, master, etc). Different delivery options can be arranged. For Graphic Design and Master to be developed 3 to 5 business days must be added to the order for a total of 6 to 10 days.

    A RUSH option for your order production time can be arranged, depending on the project characteristics. This will include a one-time rush charge per order. For more information contact our SALES SPECIALIST.