Digital Distribution Tips

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Digital Distribution Tips


Digital Distribution is at the heart of marketing your hit single or CD. It is today’s publishing world, a world which focuses on digital downloads more and more every day, Record Stores have been replaced by Online Music Stores such as iTunes & radio stations are seeing competition from Online Streaming, it is no wonder why some call it The Digital Revolution. This change has happened in a relatively short period of time, and there is no end in sight. It is now the mainstream method people shop for and acquire their favorite media. So, how will you stack up against the competition?

Creating a digital distribution plan

Creating a digital distribution plan involves several aspects and it is never easy. But here are a few tips if you are trying to market yourself online:

1) Make a great cover. Even if you are only marketing digital files, it is important to make your cover stand out. Dynamic colors, artistic designs, and a catchy name will help. Remember your cover must look great in different sizes, you have to capture the audience’s attention in the first few seconds, and an attractive cover will help.

2) Create great samples. The sample people download to hear your music will be the greatest determining factor in whether or not they choose to purchase. So make your sample a great one, and make sure it represents the CD or digital album you are trying to market in the best light.

3) Create an engaging description. The description helps sell your viewers too, similar to the way a book cover helps sell a book. Make the description draw people in with powerful wording, such as “heart-felt” or “soulful” when talking about your songs. Songs are about emotions and feelings, as well as thoughts. Connect with your buyers with engaging words in your description.

4) Market to multiple platforms. Of course, you need to be on the mobile platform since so many people are using mobile technology now. But also consider the importance of marketing to multiple platforms, such as iOS, Google Play Music, and Amazon Music, to name a few.

5) Use the power of social Media. Social media is your best friend, now more than ever before you can leverage your fan base by using social media to share news about your upcoming releases, preview your content, etc.

There are many other aspects to creating a winning combination when you are creating a digital distribution plan. Apply the above techniques to get started promoting yourself. But, if you are serious about making it all the way, consider a consultation from professionals who know the music industry.

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