Audio Mixing: The Art of Being Subtle

Written December 12th, 2013 by
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Audio Mixing is an artwork in and of itself. The subtle mixing of tracks into one integrated work of art to share with the world is not something to do quickly or in a haphazard manner.  If you are working on that perfect audio mix, or trying to master your own CD, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Keep it simple. Just like the saying you have always heard about a number of other things, this applies here also. The more complex you make the production, the harder it is to get it mastered down to a professional mix. So, if you are just starting out and want a song to sound the best, it is advisable to keep it simple at first. This means to limit the tracks to around 4 at first and add effects carefully.
  2. Learn the art of being subtle. By this, we mean not to overdo or distort tracks. Music should be a perfect mix of instrumentals and vocals, integrated together to form a perfect unit. If you overdo a track, it can overpower the vocals, or worse make them irritating to listen to.
  3. Practice ‘mixing down’ different ways. Sometimes practice does make perfect too. Try mixing and mastering different ways, with different tracks more prominent different times, or start with the basic 2 or 3 tracks, then gradually add one track at a time, to find the best combination. Don’t overdo extra instruments. They should enhance, not overpower the melody.
  4. Focus on the song. Think about the mood of the song and the message it is trying to get across. Don’t scream lyrics like “I love you more than life,” if it sounds like you’re angry. Some basic psychology and mood integrated within the song can go a long way toward enhancing the piece.
  5. Make it marketable. Remember the end result is to get it published, produced and out there in the music market. Hopefully, people will like it enough that they will want to purchase it. This is why the mastering process is so important and must be done professionally.

Many people are producing their own work these days on their home computers, laptops, and other stand-alone equipment. That is fine if you are an expert at mixing and mastering. But, if you’re not, that’s where we come in. We have several years experience in mixing and mastering CD’s and other media to perfection, and making a marketable product you will be proud of. Visit us on the web to learn more about the art of audio mixing and mastering.

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