DVD Authoring – An Overview

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Technology changes everything Video Production and delivery is no exception, Video Production is easier and cheaper than ever. This is good news for people like Musicians, Models or anyone who wants showcase their work or products on Video DVD’s.

So now you made your Video, after a couple of computer crashes and long nights your Master is ready. All you have to do is go to the best media duplication and replication facility in town (of course that is us at CD Depot Stores) give them your Hard Drive with the Video and just like that you will have your DVD’s ready.

Well not so fast, now you need to consider that there is a little bit more work to do and the CD Depot Stores professional staff will help you. Sure you can upload your Video to YouTube and Facebook for free but adding DVD’s to your marketing budget is a good strategy.

The benefits of professional DVD Authoring

DVD Authoring will not only make your Video compatible with DVD Players, it can also make it interactive by adding features such as a menu with custom graphics and logo (you know for branding purposes) or chapter selection so people can choose what to watch. Remember a more professional DVD will be more effective.

There are countless DVD Authoring applications that can help you do the Authoring from the convenience of your home, but why use your valuable time tinkering with the Authoring Software when all you have to do is talk to one of our Authoring experts and tell them exactly how you want your DVD to look, they will make sure you are 100% percent satisfied with the results and your DVD’s will be a hit with your clients and your fans.

Software for DVD Authoring


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