being an independent artist: here are some tips

Written October 24th, 2013 by
Categories: Music Industry

Being an independent artist is a very appealing idea — and a real possibility — in this age, more and more artists (both famous and newbies) are cutting their own albums from their home studios, making their own videos and producing media. It’s fun and rewarding, and can be potentially lucrative, with the ubiquity of social media services that artist leverage to promote themselves, if your work starts “trending” or your go viral on You Tube you are set. So how do you get the best result from your efforts?

Here are a few tips for the independent artist:

  • Start with a great idea. Any great work starts with a concept. So first, start with that idea. Whether it’s a song or a full album, a video, or even a movie, think of something others will enjoy and that will be marketable.
  • Record the audio or video you do in highest quality. In order to produce the best end product, the original song recording, photo, or video must be in the best quality possible. In sound recordings, this includes what happens in the “mixing” process, so focus on getting the best mix of instruments and vocals.
  • Create a good master copy. Whether you are making a CD or DVD, make sure the final copy is a good one. This way, you can take the finished product to a duplication service to have them copy from your high quality master.
  • Listen to the finished product for quality control. Don’t send the master for duplication or make any copies until you know the master is good. The worst thing that could happen would be to order several copies of a DVD or CD with defects.
  • Find a market for your work. There are several ways to self-promote nowadays…You Tube, Vimeo, Face Book, Twitter. Find the right market for your artistic work and then post it to any or all of this sites put it in a category that makes sense, and describe your work to your potential public this will generate metadata that search engines will use to find your work.

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