How sampling technology has changed music forever

Written February 6th, 2014 by
Categories: Music Industry

Technology has touched every realm of modern life from the way we communicate to how we move around using GPS navigation or even how we enjoy food (think Instagram??), but one of the least talked about, yet more influenced areas is: artistic expression.

In particular, Modern Music has been completely changed by the use of technology. Today we can listen to music everywhere at almost any moment, stream it on our phones, share it with the world, make our own music videos etc. But perhaps the most important change is how music is made today.

Sampling Technology – Making Something New Out of Something Old

The use of sampling technology has allowed musicians and DJ’s around the world the luxury of having any sound or instrument they want to play at their fingertips and this has spawned the creation of entirely new music genres using sampling at the center.

At the beginning, samplers only had a few buttons that triggered a single sound at a time, so you could have a drum loop or an instrument riff as the base of your track and that gave life to genres like gangsta rap. Now with computer based software samplers as ubiquitous as they are there is almost an unlimited array of instrument sounds that have been recorded, sliced, tuned, dissected, and packaged for every musician and DJ with a computer at hand and some creativity.

We found “The world’s most important 6 seconds drum loop documentary” on YouTube and it goes into great depths explaining the use of sampling in modern music. We hope you enjoy…


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