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Publishing Administrator

As a songwriter, you should be spending your time doing what you are great at, and that is writing music. Let a professional handle your business needs. Assigning the copyrighting of your song to a publishing administrator will make life in the music industry much easier for you.

When you sign a deal with a publisher they are obligated to:

find song users.
issue licenses to song users.
collect money.
pay you (the writer).

A Business Professional Worth Having


Usually the publisher splits all the income 50/50 with the writer, unless it is the profits from your sheet music and performances. The half that the publisher keeps covers their profit, office staff, etc. In the music industry this is known as the publisher’s share; and the money you collect is, of course, called the writer’s share.

CD Depot Stores working in tandem with InnerCat Music Group can save you a lot of money as  an independent publisher we have enough room, to act solely on your behalf, without the overhead the huge staff and bureaucracy that only will eat your profits, therefore preventing your work from being lost in a huge shuffle (unlike a major publishing company). Instead of getting wrapped up in the workings of a major label, deal with an independent Publishing Administrator like InnerCat Music Group we have the knowledge and the ability to cater to you, the songwriter/artist.

CD Depot Stores offers a wide range of services for Artists & the Music Business in general. Services like CD & DVD Duplication, Graphic Design and CD & DVD Replication, to name a few, are key for new and established artists alike but we also offer services such as Copyright Registration, Digital Distribution and Music Publishing.

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