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Jewel Case (Sample 'About Us')A jewel case is the original compact disc case that has been used since the compact disc was first released in 1982. It is a three-piece plastic case, measuring 142 mm × 125 mm × 10 mm, which usually contains a compact disc along with the insert and a back card. Two opposing transparent halves are hinged together to form the casing, the back half holding a media tray that grips the disc by its hole. All three parts are made of injection-molded polystyrene.
The front lid contains four tabs to keep any insert in place. In addition, there is usually a back card, 150 mm × 118 mm, underneath the media tray and visible through the clear back, often listing the track names, studio, copyright data and other information. The back card is folded into a flattened “U” shape, with the sides being visible along the ends (often referred to as the spine) of the case. The ends usually have the name of the release and the artist, and often label or catalogue information printed on them, and are designed to be visible when the case is stored vertically, ‘book-style’, on shelves.

Jewel Case Clear Tray for CD or DVDThe back media tray snaps into the back cover, and is responsible for securing the disk. In its center is a circular hub of teeth which grip the disc by its hole. This effectively suspends the disk in the middle of the container, preventing the recording surface from being scratched. The media tray was originally constructed of a flexible black polystyrene, but many newer trays use a more fragile transparent polystyrene. This allows the reverse of the back card, which is usually used for additional artwork, to be visible.

Usage and strength of the Jewel Case

The jewel case is the standard case used by the majority of musicians and it is the most common type of disc packaging found in record stores. Jewel cases are mostly used for CDs and occasionally used for DVDs, but generally not for those that contain major film releases. Blank Blu-ray Disc media is also most commonly sold in standard-width jewel cases.

Jewel Case Black Tray for CD or DVDThe jewel case has a tight and firm grip of the disc because of the tray’s teeth or lock. Because of this, even if the jewel case is turned upside-down, left, or right, the disc is held in place. When pressure is applied to the jewel case, the case will break first before the disc.
This type of packaging is probably the easiest, most organized way to store discs. The kind of material of the jewel case allows storage of discs for decades without ruining them. Since the jewel case has been around for a very long time, there are many disc shelves, racks, and other products in the market that are made for jewel cases.

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