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Slim Case Sample(Carlos Bowers)
Unlike the standard Jewel Case, Slim Case or Slim Jewel Case is made of two pieces rather than three and do not have a place for a back label. The Slim Case has a black or clear disc tray and can include a 2 or 4 panels Insert(also called booklet).
Slim Cases first gained popularity for CD singles sold in Japan and Europe, and have become a common space-saving packaging for burned CD-ROMs. The cases used for CD Singles sold in Japan and Europe are 7mm thick, with a “J-card” type inlay, showing cover art through the front of the case, and also through both the spine and part of the back of the case. The CD is sometimes inserted “upside-down”, so that the artwork on the disc shows through the back in a transparent case.

Most Slim Cases sold for burned CD-ROM use the measure 142 mm × 125 mm × 5 mm which is roughly half the thickness of a standard jewel Case, allowing twice as many Discs to be stored in the same space, and will generally fit two to a slot in a standard CD rack. They generally do not have room for a full package insert booklet, only a slip of paper for a track listing or cover art, showing only through the front of the case.

In CD Depot Stores you can place an order for DVD/CD duplication or replication with Slim Case black tray as the packaging including either 2 or 4 panels Insert(booklet).
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