Graphic Design

Trying to do your own artwork? Do not know how to set the images on the proper templates?

Graphic Design | CD Duplication | CD Replication | DVD Duplication | DVD ReplicationWe recommend using our Design Team to help you create a professional and astonishing artwork. All you need is an idea… or not!! Just supply us with your pictures, text, and we’ll do the rest. We review the materials and ideas you submit and work from there to create a package design. We present them to you via email for your approval. Don’t like it, we’ll do it over; no artwork will be sent to production until you give us your OK. Our team can also help you match your CD or DVD artwork to any promotional item you may need, posters, flyers, business cards, etc… Read more

Video Editing and Authoring

CD and DVD Authoring | CD Duplication | CD Replication | DVD Duplication | DVD ReplicationWhen its comes to CD or DVD Autoring, there are different approaches to each project. That’s why CD Depot Stores can help you determine varieties of CD and DVD Encoding & Authoring. Each of these service levels is designed to meet the exact quality standards and budget constraints of your project. Regardless of the service you choose, you’ll get high quality, professional hardware encoding and state of the art menu design / navigation.

We also offer the most affordable Blu-ray authoring in the market. Read more

Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering | CD Duplication | CD Replication | DVD Duplication | DVD ReplicationMastering is the “Middle” step between your final mix and preparing it for duplication, replication and/or distribution. Almost everyone have their CD’s mastered no matter the budget, label, mixer, or studio behing it. The difference between a mastered and un-mastered song can be quite noticable, dramatically improving the over-all sound quality, clarity, consistency, portability and volume of your mixes. It is both a technical process and an art form that relies on an individual’s skill, experience and good taste. No set of tools or a device will automatically “master” your music… Read more

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs, wide format printing servicesThese vinyl banners are sure to get your customers’ attention. You can add your photo, logo and message to showcase an event, sales and birthdays or you can show support for your favorite candidate or social issue. These custom banners and signs are printed in full color and available in both indoor and outdoor durability.
Roll-up banner with stand from 24”X48” to 48”X82”.

Special banners and signs promotion for musicians and singers. 20% discount with your FIRST CD ORDER ON-LINE … Read more